Founded in 1974

Sierra Alloys is located in Irwindale, CA with a primary focus on forged bar, flats and plate. After a long and successful history as a single-facility business, the company was acquired by Platte River Equity in 2011 and then combined with TSI Titanium (Derry, PA) to form PRV Metals Inc. The businesses were then acquired in 2019 by the current ownership group, Tinicum, and subsequently renamed as STS Metals Inc. (consisting of Sierra Alloys, TSI Titanium, Sierra Sheet & Plate and Brown-Pacific).

With nearly 75,000 square feet of manufacturing footprint

Sierra Alloys has 2 fast-acting open die forging presses (350-ton and 500-ton) and the capability to forge, roll, heat treat, cut, turn, mill and condition specialty metals to serve a niche within the industry. Sierra’s focus on customized product sizes and order quantities with minimal set-up time between jobs allows for the most operational flexibility and most reliable delivery performance in the industry.

Joined together with the STS Metals enterprise

The companies offer a comprehensive line of products and services that are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively to the industry.